Here is what you need to do NOW to get the process started right away...

DO THIS NOW: Setup your Premium Credit Monitoring with SmartCredit® Now. This premium level credit monitoring typically costs $19.95 per month, however it is included as part of your CreditRestore® Program. You cannot complete your Onboarding within the next 48-hours without doing this first.

SCHEDULE YOUR ONBOARDING CALL: Your Onboarding must be completed within the next 48-hours.

LOGIN TO YOUR CLIENT PORTAL: After scheduling your Onboarding call, sign into your Client Portal (which you should have received access to via email). If you don't see your Client Portal Access Email, please check your spam folder first. If its not in your spam folder, email us at support@ARGFinancialServices.co to request access to your portal. Once you've accessed your portal, complete the remaining Enrollment Steps by Signing your Program Agreement and Upload all of your required documents (Copy of your Photo ID, Copy of your Social Security Card, and your Lastest Utility Bill). This must be completed before your Scheduled Onboarding Call.

JOIN OUR PRIVATE CLIENT FACEBOOK GROUP: This is a Client-Only Private Group where you not only have an opportunity to interact directly with our team, but to also get your questions answered and even help others that are working to Secure their Financial Futures too! We're all in this together.

FIND OUT HOW TO GET YOUR SERVICE FOR FREE: If you haven't already figured it out... We are ABSOLUTELY PASSIONATE about helping your Secure Your Financial Future! One of the ways we are able to reach & help more people is through your referrals. With that in mind, we've provided an opportunity for you to not only Restore Your Credit & Raise Your Credit Scores, but to you can do it Absolutely FREE! After you've completed your Onboarding Process, visit our Partner Page to find out how.

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